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Sun, Jun 13, 2021 4:54 PM


Cloud based AAA authentication

Hey all,

We are a heavily cloud based organization and would rather not use an on-prem, even as hybrid, for our auth purposes to connect to company wifi. 

We have Azure AD and I've been experimenting with spinning up windows server instances in aws to connect to Azure but nothing seems to really work without having at least partial on-prem.

From my understanding, using cloudpath will accomplish what I am trying to do: connect azure to their servers which in turn all me to login with 802.1x AAA. My hope is to create this for ourselves but I'm unsure how to proceed. 


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Cloud Authentication AAA to connect to wifi

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Actually, I don't think you need anything on-prem (except LAN and APs) , to use Radius or   Dynamic-PSK fot authentication.

          You can have vSZ installed in-cloud, and connected to NPS in-cloud, and you even don't need CloudPath for that (even so CloudPath is a nice tool to have and it will heavily improve client enrollment process).  We have some such installations.

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