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Wed, Apr 6, 2016 12:15 PM


Client Timeout for WISPR

Does anyone think that the timeout for the wispr authentication on the smartzone 100 should be allowed to be longer than 10 days? I feel like we should be able to set it for at least a few months, but that's only my own personal opinion.




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3 y ago

Hi Justin,

I agree with your question but want to better understand the use case of your requirement. I request you to get in touch with your regional Ruckus System Engineer on this query.

Ravi Teja

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3 y ago

We have an integration with Aruba Controller that allowsWiFI clients to login via our externally hosted splash page.The splash page makes the WiFi client's browser call"/auth/index.html/u" to our RADIUS server with certainprogrammatically generated credentials.

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