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Mon, Oct 7, 2013 2:54 AM


anyone else see this error message on 7982 standalone running

hi all.

has anyone else seen anything like the following in their syslog output on a 7982 running mine's running in standalone mode and has smartselect enabled, but i'm unsure if either of these factors matters or not...

Oct 7 02:39:51 ap channel-wifi1: channel 165 now UNBLOCKED
Oct 7 02:39:51 ap daemon.err channel-wifi1: unable to set wlan8 channel to 165
Oct 7 02:39:51 ap user.warn kernel: findchannel:830 Couldn't find matching channel for chan(165) flags(0X80100)

FYI, channel 165 is not blacklisted, so i'm a bit unsure whether this is just a superfluous informational message, or not...

this error message will be produced every 30 seconds or so, and never seems to resolve itself...

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