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Sun, Aug 15, 2021 8:11 AM

All R320 in the building are Offline in new setup

Hey Guys 

i have a project with 2x Smartzone100 and the following Access points





we commissioned the system as follows

controller version:

Controller plane version:

Data plane version:

AP firmware version:

NONE of the R320 Access points are working. all other are working great.

when we do a hard reset the R320 AP reboots and we can see the AP communicating 

and it picks a IP address. then after a short while the connection times out

then we see that it reverts back to the default IP. 

so we have communication for a short while and then it goes back to offline.

UPDATE:  i have just returned from the project. we discovered that most of the R320 have a duplicate IP address

maybe about 80-90% of them have the same IP address has another AP. 

R320s have two different firmware versions and on them

but the H320/R510/T310c have the latest 

i can see the following msg in the log

Code 302 AP rebooted :   AP [RuckusAP MAC address **time** ] was rebooted because of  [/usr/sbin/cubic application, cubic , reboot due to WLAN migration; application , Cubic, reboot due to firmware change[

code 303 AP disconnected 


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Hi Mohammad,

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